Project Details

The project, ‘Technology based Entrepreneurship for Disabled People’ is a unique project targeting disabled people to start-up their own business. Disabled people have various challenges in life and earning their own life is one of the biggest amongst all others. Even though there are several special programs and opportunities for disabled people, it’s not always easy for them to access. Once we examine the figures the number of disabled entrepreneurs is very low despite all special advantages. The major reasons for this: – Not being able to access the information easily – Insufficient/no support mechanisms, training opportunities designed for their needs, – Not having resources adopted for their needs, – Lack of empowerment, courage and motivation as a result of various factors In this respect our project is designed aiming to empower, encourage and support disabled people to start-up their own businesses.


  • to adopt and develop disabled friendly resources on entrepreneurship
  • to design and develop a distant learning module for disabled people
  • To train 40 (20 through distant learning tool) disabled people and provide KOSGEB certificates allowing them to receive start-up
  • To support/mentor disabled people for their own business plans and encourage them to apply for grants.
  • To engage disabled people to technology transfer office where they can get further support and benefits.
  • To promote disabled friendly tools and policies for entrepreneurship of disabled people amongst public bodies and investors,
  • To create a network for disabled entrepreneurs

In order to achieve these goals following activities will be organized:

  • Compiling, adopting and developing disabled friendly resources on entrepreneurship including a web portal, audial and visual informative and training documents, interactive presentations etc.
  • Launching event to promote the project and its values
  • Developing a disabled friendly training module and training of 20 disabled participants through a residential course – Development of an e-learning platform and training module
  • Training 20-disabled participant through distant learning supported by a residential evaluation meeting.
  • Mentoring participants while preparing their business plans and grant applications
  • Contacting and encouraging other TTOs to support participants,
  • Engaging incubation center in Chicago to bring examples of good practices, involving experts/entrepreneurs from US, providing know-how new ideas.