About Us

Youth Development Association 
Youth Development Association (YDA), is an experienced youth and civil society organization aiming to develop human oriented solutions to societal challenges and offer new opportunities for the society for a better life and future by strengthening the individuals and groups. For this purpose YDA is actively supporting different groups within the society, young people in particular, in order to encourage and enable them to take active roles in their own communities. YDA is particularly experienced and competent in the fields of education and training, policy development, youth, disadvantaged groups, inclusion, empowerment, employment and entrepreneurship, minorities, migrants and refugees. YDA is highly exprienced in project development and management, particularly EU and US funded projects. Education reform Initiative has entitled YDA for the winning award for best practices in education in 2011 with its US funded project Social Awareness and Civic Engagement. YDA is also the initiator and the founder of the YFU Turkey and member of YEN Youth Express Network. Recently YDA has turned its focus to employment and entrepreneurship for young people, women, disabled people and other groups with fewer opportunities. Particularly supporting the integration of technology and innovation is the core objective. In this respect YDA is cooperating with Tubitak Marmara Technology Park, and providing consultancy on entrepreneurship of young people, people with disadvantages and international project development and management.

TUBITAK Marmara Technopark
TÜBİTAK Marmara Technopark is the very first technology park in Turkey. Operating under the auspices of the Scientific and Technological Reseach Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), it is located adjacent to the premier research and development facilities of the country, namely the Marmara Reseach Center (MRC), in the heart of the industrial and commercial hub of Turkey. TÜBİTAK Marmara Technopark has the unique feature of also encompassing a large Free Zone; designated as a ‘​’Technology Development Free Zone’​’​, whose qualified occupants are granted further financial incentives and privileges. Spanning an area in excess of 60 hectares within 800 hectares of quasi natural park surroundings, Marmara Technopark offers modern facilities and amenities with enhanced security and support. Ready-to-build lots of infrastructure are also available to firms who would prefer to erect their own R&D facilities.